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The study of history provides a unique perspective and understanding of the human condition, past and present. The examination and comprehension of history aids in the development of the research, analytical, and communicative skills needed in many fields. read more

Professor Phyllis Jestice
Department Chair

Department News

History Professor Bernard Powers is featured on A&E’s “Shining a Light: A Concert for Progress on Race in America” program with Pharrell Williams.
Posted on 23 November 2015 | 6:34 pm
See Dr. Powers on “Shining a Light: A Concert for Progress on Race in America.”
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Bridge of Spies: Inside Story of Spielberg’s Latest Hollywood Hit
Posted on 5 November 2015 | 8:44 pm
We’ve got a very exciting lecture coming up Thursday, Nov. 12th! Director Steven Spielberg’s latest movie, Bridge of Spies, centers on a real-life Cold War drama. Join us in Addlestone 227 to hear Vin Arthey and Mary Ellen Donovan Fuller discuss the trade of Russian spy Rudolf Abel for U-2 pilot Francis Gary Powers, negotiated by […]
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