Honoring Outstanding Student Achievement

History Awards 2021

The George & Agnes Heltai Award in History: Marian Williams

The Heltai award is presented annually to the graduating senior whose academic achievement in their discipline merits the highest distinction. This award honors Dr. George G. Heltai, Professor in the department of History from 1967 to 1986, and Mrs. Heltai, his wife, for their devotion to the students, the faculty, and the intellectural and cultural life of the College. It is a gift from Dr. Malcolm Clark, Professor of History Emeritus. 

The Douglas & Elizabeth Clark Memorial Scholarship: Adeline Barnes

Alexander C. Dick Endowed Scholarship in Pre-Law: Anne Marie Underwood

The William Moultrie Cup of the Rebecca Motte Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution: Lauren Davila

Robert Hartman Quasi-Endowed Scholarship in HistoryElizabeth Stephens

The Albert R. Simonds Special Merit Award in History: Gabriella Kopchinsky

Outstanding History Student Service Award: Jamie O’Brien & Sharon Ramirez


HSS Scholars Award in History:

2021 - Jonathan Dattilio & Irene Pasquino

2020 - Elizabeth Burgher & Hillary Clark

2019 - Morgan Byars and Mills Pennebaker

2018 - Carolyn Dorey and Grace Hall

2017 - Hannah Edwards and Cora Wright

2016 - Anthony Gaspar and Madeleine Ware

2015 - Clerc Cooper and Benjamin Schaffer

2014 - Edgar Chopper Johnson and Danielle Winter

2013 - Amber Grace Joyner and Joseph Michael Bradshaw

2012 - Cassandra Hope Falk and Mary Hoyle

2011 - Jenna Barker and Paulina Suzán Stevens

2010 - Gabrielle S. Guillen and Sarah A. Morris

2009 - Daniel Burkard and Rachel Mossman

2008 - Natasha Hoover and Emrys Jaskwhich