Sandra Slater

Associate Professor

Address: Maybank Hall, Room 313
Phone: 843.953.1420
Personal Website:

Slater received her Ph.D. from University of Kentucky. Her dissertation is entitled "The Making of Men: Comparative Constructions of Military Masculinities in the New World." Professor Slater is currently completing a manuscript, “The Pompe and Pride of Man”: Personal and Public Humility in Early New England" which is currently under review at a variety of presses.

Director of the Carolina Lowcountry and Atlantic World Program,

Chair of Committee on Graduate Education,

History Department Senator,

History Department Internship Adviser,

Board of Directors for Consortium of the Revolutionary Era,


2009 - Ph.D., History University of Kentucky

2006 - Graduate Certificate in Gender and Women’s History 

2003 - B.A., History and American Studies, minor in English and music

Research Interests

Women/Gender/Sexuality, Early Modern Atlantic World; British Colonial America; Race in America


Courses Taught

HIST 301 Colonial America

HIST 302 History of the American Revolution

HIST 221 Women in America, 1600-present

HIST 210 History of Queer America

HIST 210 History of American Sexualities


The Pompe and Pride of Man: Personal and Public Humility in Early New England.(in progress) 

“’Horns as Big as a Bull’: Mary Latham, Adultery, and Emasculation in Puritan New England.” (in progress) 

“‘Painful and Perilous Navigation’: Religious Travel Narratives of New England and New France.” (in progress)

“‘Glory in the Memory of Men’: Masculinities in the Mohawk Wars, 1609-1610.” French Colonial History


 “‘Two Suns in One Firmament’: John Cotton, Thomas Hooker and the 1655 New Haven Sodomy 

Statute.” Church History. (Vol. 87, Issue 4, December 2018). 

 “Fur Traders, Voyageurs, and Coureurs des Bois: Economic Masculinities in French Canadian Fur Trade 

Society, 1635-1754.” Masculinities: A Journal of Identity and Culture. 1.1 (Premiere Issue). 2014, 92-120.

“Great Pride and Insolence”: Spiritual Justifications for Violence in the Pequot War.” Journal of Early 

American History. 4.1 (2014), 37-65.

 “Sex, Sin, and Sodomy: The Historiography of Women, Gender, and Sexuality in Colonial 

Massachusetts.” HistoricalJournal of Massachusetts.Vol. 41, No. 1 (Winter 2013), 67-97.

 “Emasculation and Manliness in North America, 1450-1640.” Gender and Sexuality in Native 

North American Societies, 1400, 1840. Sandra Slater and Fay Yarbrough, Eds. Columbia: University of South Carolina Press, 2011.

Gender and Sexuality in Native North American Societies, 1400, 1840. Sandra Slater and Fay Yarbrough, Eds. 

Columbia: University of South Carolina Press, 2011.

Conference Presentations
• “Two Suns in One Firmament”: John Cotton, Thomas Hooker and the 1655 New Haven Sodomy Statute”
2013 Gender Matters Conference, Chicago, IL
• “Painful and Perilous Navigation”: Travel Narrative and Religious Identity in the New World”
2013 Society of Early Americanists, Savannah, GA
• “Painful and Perilous Navigation”: Seventeenth Century Travel Narratives and Masculinity”
2013 Southern American Studies Association, Charleston, SC
• “Frying in the Fire: The Masculinity of the Puritan God at Fort Mystic,”
2011 American Studies Association Annual Conference, Baltimore, MD
• “Constructing Masculinity on the Atlantic Ocean: The Voyages of Missionaries and Explorers in the New World”
2010 Gender in Everyday Life Conference, Idaho State University
• CLAW Colloquium Piece, College of Charleston, February 2010
• “Nought but Women”: Emasculation and Warfare in the New World”
2008 Ethnohistory Conference, University of Oregon
• “Competing Masculinities: Gender and Warfare in Early New France”
2006 Great Lakes History Conference, Grand Valley State University