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Recent Graduates

Congratulations to our most recent graduates:

Jessica Amen

Grace Barry

Cameron Bauer

Whitney Berkebile

Adrian Brown

Rebecca Brown

Rachel Canady

Natalie Carey

Elizabeth Cole-Greenblatt

Marina Conner

Alex Coppotelli

Danielle Cox

Brianna Davis

Allessandro DiMarzio

Austin Duncan

Hannah Edwards

John Eglin

Katherine Feagin

Conor Fogarty

Cecilia Franco

Pressley Gaskins

Kailyn Gifford

Alex Henderson

Bravada Hill

Adelaide Hoffman

Bailey Hughes

Constance Johnson

Lucas Judson

Amber Knight

Brendan Langs

Noa Levin

Annika Liger

Leah Loney

Kendall Lucas

William Maddox

Alex McLemore

John Meyer III

Luke Monbouquette

Troy Parmeter

Wade Polk

Stephen Potts Jr.

Catherine Raines

Daniel Simpson

Mercedes Smith

Catherine Stiers

Christopher Stile

Ryan Stone

Jonathan Vurpillat

Jasmine Wade

Taylor Waters

James Whitlark

Katie Wilbanks

Meredith Wohl

Cora Wright

Class of 2015:

Georgia Hertz will be touring the east coast with a band this summer, playing bass and singing.  She is also completing a historical novel set in New Orleans in 1926.

Kendall Bickett is beginning work for Greystar Real Estate Partners in Charleston.

Miranda Whiting will be continuing her education at Simmons College in Boston, pursuing a master's degree in Library and Information Science with an archives concentration.

Kimberly Swartz has accepted a position with Americorp NCCC and will be stationed in the Pacific Northwest for a year, after which she hopes to pursue graduate study in International Relations.

Kristin Brig has been accepted to the History M.A. program at the College of Charleston

Madeline Anderson has been accepted in the master's program at Clemson's Eugene T. Moore School of Education to work on a degree in Counselor Education.

Stevie Galicia will be attending the Museum Education program at George Washington University.

Clerc Cooper, 2015 HSS Scholar, will start Tulane Law School in New Orleans in the fall.

Class of 2014:

John Curtis, 2014, will be taking the LSAT in June 2014 and possibly attending law school in the Fall 2015. He is interested post-graduate studies in history, criminal justice, and criminology, and would eventually like to earn an MA in history in order to teach history on an adjunct basis.

Erika Hoffman, 2014, will be attending Uppsala University in Sweden (Fall 2014) where she will earn her MS in Sustainable Development. She plans to spend the summer in Charleston continuing her work with the CofC Office of Sustainability.

Class of 2013:

Sharon McAllister, 2013, published an article in People's World on Filipino ex-patriate workers. As an undergraduate and now as a graduate, Sharon continues her work in support of worker's rights and USAS.

Amber Grace Joyner, 2013, HSS Scholar, will continue her History studies in graduate school.

Joseph Bradshaw, 2013, HSS Scholar, has been awarded a scholarship to Michigan State University, Department of History, one of the premier African history Ph.D. programs in the country. He will study West African history under the supervision of Professor Walter Hawthorne. MSU's African Studies Center is designated a National Resource Center.

Jason Byers, 2013, Honors, Political Science and History, has been accepted at both Univeristy of Georgia and the Univeristy of Florida to continue his studies in American politics with a focus on presidential and legistlative politics.

Mary Hood Paulson, 2013, Honors, Sociology and History graduate and also a member of Alpha Kappa Delta, and Golden Key.

Jason Williams, 2013, is now teaching Social Studies at the Lowcountry Leadership Charter School. His courses include World History, World Geography, US History, and US History AP. Congratulations, Jason! Check out his academic website:

Class of 2012:

Jacob Meminger, 2012, will be a graduate student at New York University in September seeking a M.A. in Educational Counseling.

Class of 2011:

Steven Wallace, 2011, M.S. Citadel 2012, working with Family Services for Veteran Affairs with Americorps Vista.

Luke Smith, 2011, currently attending New York University School of Law.

Crystal Dully, 2011, became a McNair Scholar (a federal TRIO program funded at 194 institutions across the U.S. funded by the U.S.D.E) It is designed to prepare undergraduate students for doctoral studies through involvement in research. McNair participants are either first-generation college students with financial need or a member of a group that is traditionally underrepresented in graduate education and have demonstrated strong academic potential.

Joi Mayo, 2011, was accepted into the "Teach For America" program.

Class of 2010:

Shannon Smith, 2010, has just been invited to join the Peace Corps, and  will be leaving for Togo on June 2, 2012 for 27 months where she will be an advisor for an NGO.

Nathaniel "Nate" Bailey, 2010, accepted into M.E.S. Program, Graduate School of the College of Charleston, 2010.

Christopher Mellon, 2010, accepted into Modern Standard Arabic Program, International Language Institute, Cairo, August-September 2010.

Anita Gadsden, 2010, hired as Executive Assistant to the Dean and Operations Manager at the College of Charleston North Campus. Anita has a BA in History from the College of Charleston and a MA in Human Resources Development from Webster University.